About R.O.K.

This is R.O.K. KOREA!

Join METAL JAW as he checks out some ALTERNATIVE KOREAN music including rock, grunge, and of course METAL!
Every week we will feature a band and their music in the ‘BAND OF THE WEEK’!

Our goal is to explore the alternative Korean music scene and learn more about it.
South Korea is know for it’s K-Pop music, but we would like to learn about it’s other genres and we know that there are other great types of music coming out this country!

Metal Jaw is a charter we created who is a huge fan of the METAL/ROCK genre, but doesn’t know much regarding this scene in Korea.
He lives in South Korea and is eager to check out the Korean Alternative Music Scene with you.
Every week he will check out a band and song recording his reaction and thoughts on the song and band.

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